Plate & Cone Rolling


Faccin Double Pinch, Four Roll Plate Rolling Machine 2" by 10'

Rondo Three Roll, Plate Rolling Machine 1 1/4" by 10'

Davi Three Roll, Plate Rolling Machine 3/4" by 10'  

Pullmax Plate Roll Machine 5/8" by 10'

Luna Model 8266 Plate Roll Machine 1/4" by 5'


We can roll plate with thicknesses ranging from gauge material up to 3 1/2" and lengths up to 10 feet. We can go as tight as 13" inside diameter for 1/2" plate.

One and a half inch plate comes together perfectly - with a nice bevel.

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Typical applications of rolled components include:

  • municipal water towers
  • fuel tank farms
  • fuel tanker trucks
  • vacuum truck tanks
  • heat exchangers and pressure vessels
  • wheels for off-road tree harvesting equipment
  • towers for wind turbines