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Whether it's Plasma cutting, bevelling, plate rolling, brake forming, welding, or structural steel rolling, we think the fabricating business in Canada is a great business. No matter what kind of steel you need processed; carbon, stainless, aluminum, or any specialty type/grade (AR400/500, 516-GR70 etc.), we roll it ALL! And we are continually looking at new technology and ways to upgrade our capabilities and processing skills. Click HERE to see if we can help you with your project!

WHEN IT'S GOT TO BE ROUND, you can count on Double R Steel.

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Not the lowest price, but excellent quality and excellent service.
You have an excellent staff at Double R. We like dealing with you and have recommended you to others who need top quality rolling done.
We had been using another supplier for our rolling, but when we needed improved turn around time, they couldn't deliver, so we looked around and settled on Double R after exploring a few others. I think their quality is pretty good and more importantly, it's ready on time.
Pretty much everything they have done for us, they've done very well. There are very few companies that Cantec is comfortable with subcontracting work to and Double R is certainly one of them.
Double R does our yokes and nobody else can do them and they do a very good job of it.
“In order of importance its Quality, Delivery and Price. Just behind that – if something is wrong – how quickly can we get a replacement part? Yes, we have a plate supplier nearby who does roll small bands for us, however, it’s a struggle to get them round on the bigger bands – Double R Steel does it right and if there is a problem they fix it fast.”