Agrico Canada Limited/Limitee

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Our customer, Mainway Industrial Installations completed the design, fabrication and installation of a 10,000 ton (2.04 million U.S. gallon) liquid nitogen storage tank for Agrico Canada Limited on Edward Street in St. Thomas, ON.

Double R Steel was awarded the job of prefabricating the steel panels that make up the 48' high X 85' diameter tank. The installation took eight weeks from start to finish.

Timing was critical to the successful completion of the project. Steel panels had to be delivered on a timely basis in order to maintain a tight assembly schedule.

Precision was critical. You can't easily bend steel panels to correct for any miscalculations without compromising the look and the integrity of the finished product.

At Double R Steel, we deliver when we say we will, regardless of the size of the project, the geographic location, or the complexity of the work. 

(photographs courtesy of Lori and Don at Agrico in St. Thomas)