Our People

Our People:

As in any business, it's the people who make the difference.

Our guys are committed to doing the best job possible, and after the satisfaction of a job well done, may even have fun in the process. 

Here are some photos:

  • Mike is rolling some stainless gizmos on the Pullmax Plate Rolling Machine

  • Peter, walking on water (table)

  • Skeletons in the shop
  • Wes moving some plates
    Trommel = complete!

  • "Whatever it takes"
  • Matt
    Matthew on Faccin Plate Bending Machine
  • Mike
    Mike does some grinding
  • Mike & Matthew
    Mike and Matthew break out the slag
  • Loading upLots of room for trucks to maneuver
  • Check. Check. Cheque! Mike measuring twice!
  • Sam hard at work... Or posing for the camera?
  • Big project? Justin can roll anything!

The Team!