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What is a cottage without family and friends?

There is something about a crackling fire that warms the body and relaxes the mind. It’s in our DNA to gather around an open flame. It’s the closest connection we have to our ancestors. 

At Double R Steel we make that connection more memorable. Start your tradition of sharing stories and roasting marshmallows.

Send us your custom design or choose from the patterns below!

  • Loons
  • Custom
    Your Custom Design
  • Maple
  • Waves
  • Chalice
  • Fire
  • Coasters
  • Canada
  • Turbines
Small   24" diameter, 12" or 14" height  Stock $425.00 CDN Custom $625 CDN
Medium  26" diameter, 12" or 14" height Stock $525.00 CDN Custom $725 CDN
Large 28" diameter, 12" or 14" height Stock $625.00 CDN Custom $825 CDN

Fire Pit Rings

"Makes a great Christmas gift and a fine wedding gift."

Your cottage is unique. It’s a reflection of you and your family. Now, make your Fire Pit Ring as unique as your cottage.

"It’s great. Easy to set up. Solid construction. The fire is contained within the fire pit so we are less concerned about the kids and dogs sitting around the fire."

You can choose from one of our current designs, or you can personalize your fire pit ring. It’s a perfect solution for building a better and safer fire.  The Fire Pit Ring can be converted to a barbecue by simply adding the grill.

"We love the idea of customizing our own fire pit. We added our family name, just to give it that personal touch."

Make it safer for children and pets. The logs and wood are contained within the fire pit ring. Air enters through the design cut-outs, providing needed oxygen to the fire while helping to reduce smoke.

"Had nothing but compliments from friends and other cottagers. It looks great. Makes a great fire. And, it’s easy to maintain."

Constructed from long-lasting ¼” mild rolled steel, your customized fire pit is available in three sizes – 24”, 26” and 28” diameter. You select the design elements you want cut out.

Safety First!

  • When setting up your fire pit always look up and around. Hot embers can ignite surrounding flammable materials such as dried leaves and grass.
  • At the end of the evening, spread the ashes and douse with water. Remember, smoldering ashes can reignite a fire.
You have an excellent staff at Double R. We like dealing with you and have recommended you to others who need top quality rolling done.
“In order of importance its Quality, Delivery and Price. Just behind that – if something is wrong – how quickly can we get a replacement part? Yes, we have a plate supplier nearby who does roll small bands for us, however, it’s a struggle to get them round on the bigger bands – Double R Steel does it right and if there is a problem they fix it fast.”
Not the lowest price, but excellent quality and excellent service.
We had been using another supplier for our rolling, but when we needed improved turn around time, they couldn't deliver, so we looked around and settled on Double R after exploring a few others. I think their quality is pretty good and more importantly, it's ready on time.
Pretty much everything they have done for us, they've done very well. There are very few companies that Cantec is comfortable with subcontracting work to and Double R is certainly one of them.
Double R does our yokes and nobody else can do them and they do a very good job of it.